Logitech Ultrathin wins my Heart

It really is the other half of my iPad mini.

It really is the other half of my iPad mini.

A while back, I did a side-by-side review of the in-app dictation software in the more recent iOS versions and the free Dragon dictation app. The in-app software won (sad though I am to admit it, as I do love Dragon)–not just for convenience of integration, but also for accuracy.

I have never pretended to love the onscreen virtual keyboards, and so for some time now, I have been using the in-app dictation for quick emails and messages on my phone, and only using the virtual keyboard just for quick corrections. I missed this on my trusty iPad 2 (which doesn’t support this feature) and so in recent weeks, I began contemplating the prospect of upgrading to the new iPad mini. A quick crowdsource on Facebook revealed strongly positive comments on the mini, and so I took the plunge.

The logitech ultrathin was an impulse purchase in that I didn’t set out to purchase it with the mini–and indeed, knew nothing about it. But of course, times being what they are (i.e. connected), upon seeing it at the store, I looked up reviews. Strongly positive–and so, I purchased that, instead of the smartcover I’d intended to buy.

And. I. Love. It. LOVE. It.  Continue reading