Scrivener Scrivenings Part II

In Part I, I discussed some of the many ways that I use Scrivener for planning, plotting, drafting and editing my novels and short stories. In this section, I’m discussing some of my other uses for Scrivener.

Taking Notes in Class

Scrivener is not only useful for creative writing projects–I’ve also found it’s a good program for other purposes as well, such as taking notes in class. In that workflow, it’s different from most word processors because you can take notes for each individual class, but you can also view them as a continuous file. They can be easily compiled into a continuous Word or Pdf document for printing, or you can just compile one or two individual classes, should a classmate need notes from a missed session, for instance.

Next term, I also plan to use the index card feature to summarize what happened in each class, as a way of reviewing and studying the material. These index card notations can also be compiled as a Word or Pdf document as a quick references, for instance.

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