Latest App-quisition: Phoster

Phoster sample

Phoster: easy and funky posters in mere minutes.

Every week or so (basically, whenever I’m feeling somewhat disinclined to dive into doing stuff here at home), I check out the App store and then cruise the app reviews of any specific offerings that catch my interest. This week’s “featured app”, here in Canada, is called Phoster [Photo+poster, presumably, not some wordplay relating to yummy Vietnamese restaurants nor to hipster spellings of “faux”]. Currently on sale for $0.99 (it’s normally $1.99), I figured I’d download it for both my phone and my iPad during the sale, and thereby pay for both what I’d normally pay for just the one. Turns out, the one download gives you a license for both. I downloaded the app for my second device at no extra cost. Sweet!

Basic Premise

Create posters easily, using images from your camera roll and a variety of pre-created templates. Continue reading