Penultimate v. Note Taker HD

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying out a stylus for a while now. I had gotten one with a screen cleaning kit a while back, however, and been unimpressed by it. Then, in a recent lecture, I saw a fellow using a far more intriguing–and to my mind, viable–stylus. I immediately rushed over after it was over and asked if I could try it out. The gadget/tech-loving community being what it generally is (friendly and happy to chat about devices and apps with kindred spirits), he graciously let me try it out on my phone and I was much happier with the feel of it.

This sparked a quest for a stylus to call my own. I eventually settled on this little beauty in blue (it had the virtue of being the cheapest one I could find, basically–I still wasn’t altogether committed). I then set about researching and acquiring the two apps that my stylus-using lecturemate recommended. They were both reasonably priced, and each had their advantages and downsides.

See, the thing is, I have a special need when it comes to styluses and touch screens: I’m a lefty. Even when I write on paper, a pen with a wetter ink (or less porus paper) will result in my leaving a smudgy mess in my wake, because my hand curls around and rubs against the lines that I have written as I move down the page (I used to write backwards as a child–mirror writing, essentially, starting at the bottom right of the page–because I found this smudginess such an annoying effect–especially since my fingers also get ink on them. But of course I was the only one who could read it, so I ultimately stopped). Continue reading