These are the ruminations of an average law student, just finishing first year and trying to figure out the law for herself. I might have gotten some of this stuff right. I also might have gotten some of this stuff really, really wrong. These posts are just meant to be interesting (I hope) reflections about some of the issues and tensions raised in the world of the law.

So, you know, don’t rely on them in any way as being legally legitimate. If you really want to know about the subject, consult a published book or website by a respected legal scholar, an authority, or even an by an actual, practicing lawyer.

AND to any legal folk who stumble upon these, feel free to drop me a line if I’ve gotten it really wrong. I will also readily concede that in some cases, there might be more precise, more legally correct ways to express certain ideas, BUT I have sometimes blurred some of the distinctions between certain legal concepts and approaches, for the sake of conceptual simplicity, because I am writing for a general, not a legal, audience.

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