A word about copyright and stuff. In the unlikely event that you find yourself thinking–“hey, some parts of this post I just read were pretty nifty, and I’d like to quote them/forward it/etc.” Feel free to quote, but I ask that you please attribute it (i.e. say I wrote it–an added bonus would be a link back to this site and the original, full post, but that’s just a gentle nudge of a hint, not a request!). If you want my real name for an attribution, email me and we can discuss it. If you want to reprint portions of it, just ask. I’m pretty easygoing.

Same goes for using any pics, the majority of which were taken by me, on my camera phone. Though, of course, if you’re thinking of sending along a post in its entirety, may I respectfully suggest that you instead send an excerpt and a link (or even just the link, minus the excerpt)? This way, I get more hits on this blog, the person you sent it to gets to read the post in its original glory, and everyone wins!

Regardless, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed what you found!

Here’s some stuff:


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