Siri and the Dragon

I recently traded up my old iphone 3gs for an iphone 5.

As some of you readers know, I have been a sometime user of Dragon Dictation, the free app for my iOS devices. Given that, I was eager to try a side-by-side comparison of Dragon Dictation and the new iOS in app dictation option. As a side note: though Siri is also voice activated and involves speech recognition tech, I suspect the the in-app dictation feature and Siri are kind of separate functions (one is about transcription, while the other is about interpretation)–still, I just couldn’t resist the title of this post, plus I suspect that many people conflate the two.

Now, given that my ipad is of the generation that predates the in-app dictation option, this seemed an ideal opportunity to do the side-by-side test. I wasn’t particularly scientific about it, but was able to make note of some general overall trends. For those who are interested, I will insert the unedited dictations from both at the bottom of this post for your own perusal. Continue reading