Trinity College:

Trinity College from Harbord

One of my fave U of T buildings (along with Knox College). Trinity has the advantage of being right beside the law school, so I can bask in neo-Gothic views as I study in the law library. It also has a very Elizabethan-feeling courtyard, but I have yet to snap a pic that does the latter justice.


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The Further Adventures of Osbert Chung

Bert: commuter on skis*

Our concierge, Bert, recently shared some of his further adventures. I’ve already blogged about how Bert, who grew up in a small village in Jamaica, living in a small mud hut with his family, ended up working as a.d.c. to the Queen of England herself. On her recent visit last year, he even had a private audience with Her Majesty and Prince Philip, and got to hear all about their impressions of Canada.

A few days ago, Bert brought in some new photos, of another era in his life, in which he took up water skiing and launched a successful extravaganza spectacle on water skis. All the performers wore costumes (Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman etc.) and entertained tourists at the various posh hotels on the coast of Jamaica. This turned out to be a very well-paid gig, and the photos he shared were great fun–both of the show, and of everyone signing autographs after. He moved to Canada soon after and took up downhill skiing–and ended up serving as a model for an advertisement–though I’m not sure what the advertisement was actually for!

*This photo was from Bert’s own collection. I do not know the source, nor the name of the photographer. If you are the owner of this photo’s copyright, please get in touch regarding attributions and permissions, or if you would rather I take it down, just let me know!

Trying out Tumblr

I haven’t been happy with WordPress’s unstable iphone app for mobile posts–it is slow, often loses things and can be clunky. So I am trying out Tumblr. Here is an rss if you’re interested:

I also have the rss updating in my sidebar on this blog (I’m going to try feeding this blog back to Tumblr as well–will it create a regressus ad infinitum feedback loop of blog posts and open the door into eternity? Stay tuned to find out..). The tumblr rss will pull in this feed in 2 hours–and then we’ll see what happens to the sidebar rss for the Tumblr site. Should be interesting…

I would actually prefer that the tumblr feed get pulled in as regular posts here, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that, unfortunately (except as rss on the sidebar). If anyone knows how to do it and could provide a link, that would be most welcome indeed!

The Canadian International Law Students’ Conference

Keynote speaker, Alan Kessel.

The student-organized conference–a joint initiative between the Osgoode International Law Society of Osgoode Hall Law School and the International Law Society at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law–presented a range of sessions on different aspects of and issues in International Law.

The career opportunities panel presented a wide array of paths that could be taken and which might lead to practice in International or Transnational law, from practice within private law contexts and via firms, to making use of legal training via various government-based and international bodies, as well as via NGOs. A second panel featured talk about international justice, with regard to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and other contexts of transitional justice. Keynote speaker Alan Kessel, who is the Canadian Legal Advisor in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, discussed some of the challenges faced by the DFAIT on a daily basis. The afternoon sessions featured talks on maritime piracy, international banking and constitutional design.

The organizers did a fabulous job, though some of the sessions felt a little long. While some of the sentiments expressed were not without controversy, it was an interesting, engaging and thought-provoking way to spend a Saturday, and I was glad to have made it out for the event.


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