The Moot Court Room

We have Property here, with the fabulous Lisa Austin. Many of my profs are excellent, and Lisa Austin is defnitely up there. She’s organized, entertaining and firmly on track with covering the cases she says we’ll cover. If there’s a chance we won’t get to everything, she adjusts on the go, and we never feel rushed in the pacing. She also provides us with the kind of information that 1L students cherish, like how to try to connect the cases to each other, and so on. It might take a while before we’re able to do it, but it helps so much, having some idea of what needs to be done. It also provides us with a welcome sense of direction–of where we should be going with our thinking as we study and review.

She’s also a good speaker and has a fun sense of humour, which livens up the subject matter considerably–though I will confess that property is a subject that I am fond of anyway… I love the paradigm shift that comes with looking at it in a legal context. The “bundle of rights” idea just opens up so many possibilities and allows for so much of what we hear, re terms bandied about in everyday life, to make so much more sense.

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“Reflections” on the Charter

TCN is at a show at the Rex. I joined him for a bit before repairing to one of my many “offices” about town. Prime office space, this, with a view of the hot dog stand and any potential teeny boppers lingering outside Much Music.

And now, back to the Charter…

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Seen today…

Rachel McAdams, at a trendy dessert bakery/bistro on Harbord, where I went to get almond croissants for Tom and me. They baked the croissants fresh, so I tipped the woman who made the request, even though I only did takeout. I hope they’re as good as the ones I tried from Jen… They smelled divine as they baked.

A whirl of runners, in brightly coloured t-shirts, rushing past me like a mass of petals carried by a brisk wind.

A nicely-dressed man, sleeping on the street.

The golden, slanting light of evening.

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I only managed to snap a pic of the last of them, running off into the distance… There were many more in the previous wave, but I had no free hands at the time.


I like the old lamps and wrought iron gate, with the Fortress of Solitude behind. I also like that this pic really show the crazy (and by “crazy” I mean “really cool”) way the new structure has been retrofitted onto the old.

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